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Raw California Almonds 24 oz

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Fresh Vintage Farms Almonds, Raw, Sustainably Farmed, California Grown, Non GMO, 16oz

About this item:

  • Whole Almonds that are Sustainably Farmed in California, Non GMO
  • Our Facility is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, and Egg free
  • We use a Variety of Almonds called the “Butte” Variety - less than 1% of California Almonds are the “Butte” variety and the Flavor is Superior to all other Almond varieties.
  • Great for Snacking, Baking, and packed with Nutrition for any diet
  • Recyclable Packaging

Product Description:

We want our customers to know that we work directly with California Almond Farmers that not only grow excellent Almonds, they do so while farming with Sustainable practices. We live in the heart of Almond country and we sell only the best varieties of Almonds (our ‘Butte’ variety will knock your socks off, it's so good) but we also care about the land that the Almonds are grown on. This means Water Conservation, Bee Health, Dust Reduction, and Solar Power as just starting points.  We are Proud of the Products we sell AND the way in which they are Farmed, and we think the proof that Almonds can be farmed Sustainably is in our packages. And we make sure to only use recyclable packaging, because we don’t want our Planet to be a “Good ol Days” conversation in 50 years. 

Customer Reviews

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Marjorie Samples
Tasty and fresh!

These almonds are delicious and they are nice and crisp, not soft and mealy.

California Grown, California Made

All Fresh Vintage Farms products are made in the Central Valley of California, from local farms and farmers we know to be good stewards of their land.

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