Fresh Vintage Farms

Cold Pressed California Nut Oils

Your Kitchens New Secret Ingredient

What are they and How Do I use them?

Our oils are made from California grown whole Almonds and Walnuts. These nuts are 100% Cold Pressed which means they still have all their goodness, nothing refined or expelled out of these nutrient dense nuts! We love to use them as a finishing oil on salads, for baking, marinating and grilling,smoking even cocktails!

We refer to our Walnut and Almond oils as the "Nutty Alternative to Olive OIl" and let's be honest, dinner wouldn't be complete without a nutty family member at the table, IYKYK! So we invite you to taste and experience the difference Fresh Vintage Farms oils create each time you use them for your culinary adventure.

Cook with us!

Our oils are versatile and can be used in a variety of cooking methods. They have a high smoke point, making them suitable for high-heat cooking methods such as frying and sautéing. They are also good oils for grilling, as they add a delicious, nutty flavor to meats and vegetables. One of the main reasons why our nut oils are popular in the culinary world is due to thier rich, indulgent flavor. They easily add depth and complexity to dishes, and are often used to dress salads, marinades, and sauces. They are also great oils for baking, as they adds a unique flavor to breads, cookies, and cakes.

Here are some of our favorite recipies and a little inspo for your culinary journey with Fresh Vintage Farms cold pressed nut oil!

Garlic and Thyme Roasted Squash

Pumpkin Walnut Oil Cake

Simply Delicious Salad Dressing

Buffalo Whole Roasted Cauliflower

and more...


Our Journey...

Fresh Vintage Farms was founded in 2019 by husband and wife Tommy and Tara Tickenoff. Growing up in the heart of farming their connection to farmers and sustainable farming practices led them to create Fresh Vintage Farms. Born out of Turlock, CA - Fresh Vintage Farms is truly a company focused on keeping everything as close to home as possible.

A Note From Tommy and Tara:

We have sought after an elevated culinary oil experience, bringing the heart and richness of generational family farming from the Central Valley of California to your table. Our mission is rooted in telling their stories and helping preserve their land through beautiful sustainable packaging all while elevating your food in a way that strikes conversation and welcomes community.

From freshness, wellness, versatility and overall experience, Fresh Vintage Farms cold pressed nut oils are truly the Gold Standard of culinary oil. We invite you to taste and experience the difference Fresh Vintage Farms oils create each time you use them for your culinary adventure.

Our Values

Committed to Sustainability

Our oils are doing more than nourishing your body, we are nourishing the planet too. From the orchard to your pantry, there is authenticity and freshness you can taste in every drop. Fresh Vintage Farms carefully sources nuts from California family-run farms to curate our unique oils. Rest assured when you’re savoring our oils you can trust that our nuts are raw, directly from the earth. In every part of the process we look for ways to be more environmentally friendly and better stewards of the land because we love the planet too! Our nuts are sourced from the highest quality California almond and walnut orchards from growers we trust. Our growers use a variety of techniques such as monitoring bee health, mitigating water usage, reducing dust, utilizing solar power, and more to continue to provide a healthy, wholesome supply of almonds. The almond industry has set a goal to have zero waste by 2025 and Fresh Vintage Farms is all on board!

We take conscious action towards setting a higher standard from the oils to the packaging itself. Fresh Vintage Farms has chosen to use a glass bottle in our efforts to reduce plastic. Same goes for our distinctive bottle cap that uses cork form the Western Mediterranean cork oak tree instead of plastic or aluminum. But what about our packaging you say? We use cardboard rather than foam, and yes that’s 100% recyclable. Eliminating plastic usage and utilizing recyclable materials is something we are proud to be a part of. At Fresh Vintage Farms it is our mission to protect natural resources and the environment in every way possible. Happy planet, happy nuts, happy us.