About Us

Our Mission: Fresh Vintage Farms is a Natural Agricultural Products Food Company focused on Old Fashioned Quality with the Transparency that only a Modern Business can create.  We strive to provide our consumers with nutritious, enjoyable food items that reflect the hard work of Farmers. Our company provides patrons the opportunity to have insight and understanding into Sustainable Agricultural practices and experience a deeper connection to their food sources, daily meals, and overall wellness.

How We Started: Like many others before us, our story began in a home kitchen.  Fresh Vintage Farms was born after my wife and I were experimenting with an Almond oil and an Almond pretzel stick (my term for it at the time) that I had created using a cold press. As a couple we were 2nd and 3rd generation Almond Farmers here in California, and Almonds were a staple in our diets.  I began to cook with the Oil, she added it to salads, and my innovative wife began milling down the almond pretzels into a flour and incorporating them into her smoothies and baked goods (I was very happy to taste test all her creations!) When my wife came to me and said she wanted to make it into a business and share our creations with the world,  I knew that determined woman was going to create something special. I am even more proud of her today than I have ever been - and I’m happy to help her on this journey of Fresh Vintage Farms!

Focus on Sustainability: Our Family has Farmed Almond in California for 3 generations - we love and respect the land, and are happy to do our part in being stewards of the land and environment for future generations.  Our products come from Farms and Farmers we know, and we take Water Conservation and Air Quality very seriously, as we live in the areas that our Almonds are produced. The Almond Board of California has a rigorous Sustainability Program for Farmers that we are proud to select our products from.  If you have any questions about our efforts please leave us a comment or reach out in any manner - we are happy to talk about this area, as we take great pride in our proactive approach to Sustainability.