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California Almond Oil

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California Walnut Oil

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Fresh Vintage Farms

Our artisan cooking oils are crafted locally in the Central Valley of California. Through partnerships with farmers we know to be good stewards of the land and environment, we are able to deliver authentic, sustainable, and delicious cooking oils. We take pride in our cooking oils - use only whole, edible nuts in our small batch manufacturing process - and cold press extraction to guarantee an exceptional taste while still providing maximum nutritional value.

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Great Flavor Profile!

"LOVE THIS PRODUCT. A super flavorful oil. Really great for salad dressings, and hummus making.
The almond flavor and the silky texture give a long lingering sensation on the palate. Packaging is super beautiful which is a plus and a great gift to send to someone who is an at home chef."

Jonny - Amazon Customer

Yes! Delicious, smooth, fresh Almond Oil

"Just received my Fresh Vintage Farms almond oil and it’s delicious! First use was substituting it for olive oil in my famous salad dressing and it was a hit! The nutty flavor is a great addition to the taste.Savory, clean and smooth. Can’t wait to experiment with this almond oil!"

Amazon Customer

Better Than Olive Oil!

"This almond oil is GREAT for so many uses.
The flavor is great for salads or for dipping bread in, the heat point makes it great for sautéing. I would use it in place of olive oil anytime. The fresh roasted almond flavor is AMAZING! Thank you Fresh Vintage Farms!"

Joe B


"We've used this almond oil for dips, dressings, when grilling & even add it to some of my toddler's meals to add a little extra calories! The flavor is subtle, but nutty in the best way possible! It's a new household favorite!"


The Nutty Alternative to Olive Oil

Great for dipping, as a salad dressing, meat marinate, dipping oil, or substitute for Olive Oi

Nut Bundle

Can't decide if you want to try our Almond or Walnut Oils? Hoping to find the perfect gift for a loved one? Our "Nut Bundle" is the perfect solution.

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