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We're proud to be 3rd generation farmers and Almond Industry members - focused on old-fashioned quality while offering innovative agricultural based products. We will continue to manufacture products of the highest quality, using the freshest ingredients, and packed with nutritional benefits.

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  • " Great! Wonderful!"

    I’m extremely impressed with the packaging on this product! Incredible! I almost didn’t want to take it out of the box.
    The oil itself is good. I just got it and used it once. Good flavor.

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  • "Excellent for everything!"

    Not much else to say - Excellent for so many thing. Good purchase.

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    A super flavorful oil. Really great for salad dressings, and hummus making.

    The almond flavor and the silky texture give a long lingering sensation on the palate. Less potent than sesame oil, longer lasting flavor than olive oil. If you cook with coconut oil you will understand the discretion I wrote regarding profile.

    I use this oil in chipotle cream dressings and in vinaigrette based salad dressings. Once I do some frying with it I will be sure to write another review. Packaging is super beautiful which is a plus and a great gift to send to someone who is an at home chef.

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  • "Excellent, high quality product"

    Verified purchase, not provided with samples or compensation. Love this almond butter. Much better than anything I have been able to find in a local grocery store. Incredibly smooth texture. Only needs a light stir and natural oil is evenly distributed without leaving overly dried out sections in the bottom of the jar that you frequently see in other brands. I am on keto diet and appreciate how this is only 1 net carb per serving, superior stats compared to competitors. Will buy again.

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