What is Fresh Vintage Farms?

Fresh Vintage Farms is a Natural Agricultural Products Food Company focused on Old Fashioned Quality with the Transparency that only a Modern Business can create.  We strive to provide our consumers with nutritious, enjoyable food items that reflect the hard work of Farmers. Our company provides patrons the opportunity to have insight and understanding into Sustainable Agricultural practices and experience a deeper connection to their food sources, daily meals, and overall wellness.

How is your Almond Oil made?

Our Almond Oil is cold pressed using similar machines used to produce Virgin Olive Oil. We use fresh almonds from Farms and Farmers that we know to be good stewards of the land and environment.  We take pride in what we sell, because it is the same product we use in our kitchens at home.

There is a big difference between cold pressed (Virgin) Almond Oil that we offer and all those “Sweet Almond Oil” cans you see on shelves at low prices.  For starters, they are pressed using expellers at 450+ degrees, secondly they use old, rancid almonds that aren’t able to be fed to humans and then hyper-refine them into a state that they still claim to be “Almond Oil”.  

What are the Ingredients in your Almond Oil?

Our Almond Oil has a simple list of ingredients: Almonds. That's it. One ingredient with no additives, preservatives, crafted from whole edible almonds.

What can I use Fresh Vintage Farms Almond Oil for?

We love using Almond Oil as a cooking oil, similar to where you would use Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or Avocado Oil. Almond Oil is also very versatile and is great as a salad dressing and dipping sauce. 

What is the difference between refined and unrefined Almond Oil?

After harvesting, almonds are hulled and dried before different methods are used to extract their oil.

Refined almond oil is extracted from almonds using high-heat processing and chemicals. This method negatively affects the nutritional value of the oil, as many of the nutrients found in raw almond oil are destroyed during high-heat or chemical treatments.

While this method results in a less nutritious oil, refined almond oil can withstand much higher temperatures and is less expensive than the unrefined type, making it a more cost-effective option for consumers.

Unrefined almond oil is made by pressing raw almonds without the use of high heat or chemical agents (also known as cold-pressed). This low-heat process helps almond oil retain much of its nutrient content, making unrefined almond oil a better choice for culinary uses and maintaining the nutritional benefits. 

What is the Smoke Point of your Almond Oil?

Given that our Almond Oil is cold-pressed, it is able to maintain a higher smoke point of 420 degrees Fahrenheit.